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THE Top 10

Summing it Up

Top 10 Things We'll Miss From Travelling:

-Freedom (we can be as lazy or ambitious as we want)
-Cheep Beer! Everywhere!
-New, amazing, people everywhere we go
-Backpacks (really!)
-Card Tournaments
-Figuring out the vibes of every new city
-The 24/7 slumber party (we love eachother)
-Hillarious language/culture barrier moments
-The Great Grocery Store Suprise ('cause never know what you're gonna get)

Top 10 Things We're Excited For At Home:

-Kraft Dinner
-Genesis Family Restaurant
-Washer and dryer to use whenever we want
-Television and movies at the touch of a button
-Long, hot showers
-Our Beds
-English Labels
-Our amazing friends

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Heck Yes, Hungaria!

Adventures in Budapest

The last destination of our journey was Budapest, Hungary. It is a beautiful city, divided into Buda and Pest by the ultra-majestic river Danube. The river means Budapest is home to some of the most impressive bridges we've ever seen, and we're from the City of Bridges!

Now, after four months on the run, we're all getting a little tired. So "Colors Hostel" was definitely the best place we could have ended up! This hostel feels like we're hanging out in some very cool people's apartment. It's tiny, cosy, and they leave breakfast out til noon. And the workers will stay up all night talking with you when you can't sleep. Another example of our tiredness can be seen in some of the restaurants we've chosen. Rather than go for the risky goulashes or stews, we've sampled such fine Hungarian cuisine as "Subway" and "Pizza Hut." You just know what you're going to get, you know? We've also made a couple visits to the Budapest movie theater. They show movies in English!

Don't worry though, we've still soaked in the sights this city has to offer, and have had a wonderful time exploring. Some of the things weve seen are:
-Buda Castle, a huge, ancient buliding looking over the river. The view from the top of the castle was amazing, and the statues were... creepy, but still pretty nice.
-Hungarian thermal baths. There are natural springs running all over under this town, and we took advantage of them with a nice, long soak.
-Caves! These same springs have carved a huge network of caves around Budapest, and we took a 3 hour long spelunking tour. One of the most fascinating, challenging things we've done! Not for claustrophobics.

Now we're off to Paris for the weekend (no big deal or anything), and catching our flight back to Canada. Thanks everyone for following our travels, and for all your support while we've been away. We have had the time of our lives, and can't wait to see all the lovely people at home.

Love the Eurogirls

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Prague Blog!

It Rhymes!

snow 0 °C

We just spent an amazing ten days in "The Golden City"; Prague. After two months of Spanish weather, the minus temperatures were a bit of a shock, but we got used to it pretty quick. You just can't forget 18 years of Saskatchewan winter.
The weather wasn't the only thing that we realized we needed to...how should we say, re-aclimitize to. Travelling as we quickly remembered, requires a certain kind of person. A strong person, a brave person...a smart person. After a heart in your throat stommach to the floor experience with a terrifying spanish security agent we finally made it on the plane...Sort of. Our journey from our boarding check to the hostel could basically be described as a kind of blind leading the blind type of journey. Good thing the Czech people are so kind and so beyond used to assisting wayward travellers.
Arriving at the hostel with all limbs intact we started to settle back into our groove. We ate, we watched olympics and proceeded to pass out after our long day of travelling. The next morning we were greeted with the reality of Prague. This place is beautiful, it's unique, and get this; everything is cheap. It took a little while to think through the whole, crowns vs. euro vs. canadian dollar thing but everything was still so cheap. Which near the end of our lovely European adventure is not only nice but is also starting to become kind of necessary.
Once again daunted with the task of getting to know a new city we decided to consult our friends of the NEW EUROPE walking tours and got walkin! We met our new favourite walking tour leader Hu and heard a very funny story about a very brave pragueish seal. His name was Gaston, see his new childrens book. Go Gaston Go! Our walk also included a few interesting churches (One featuring a medieval shrivelled arm), the Astronomical Clock (Your old cell phone is more interesting on the hour...everyhour) and a really swell bridge. Charles Bridge it's called. Check it out.
After New Europe provided us yet again with an interesting and exciting tour we decided to let them show us another night on the town with there Clock Tower Pub Crawl. They set us up in what quickly became or favourite place to eat out; Bohemia Bagel! (Though we wouldn't reccomend the ceaser salad. Actually we would, we just don't gaurantee you will actually get it.) On the crawl we met Americans, Australians and Canadians Oh my! There were also some Brazilians and Croatians and Germans and....There were a lot of people okay! Anyway after a little bit of pure pub crawl behaviour our attention began to wane. So a few of us joined together and decided to deviate a little from the program. The free beer had run dry and we wanted out! So we approached our pub crawl leader and described to him the kind of thing we were looking for and boy did he not dissapoint. The place is called Usudu. Sounds exoctic? That's because it is. Sounds awesome? That's because it was. It was a multi-layered pub located in a cave. Good music and good conversation, not to mention the serious local feel.
Later on in the week we were joined by a few home town boys. Jesser Gordon and the illustrious Michael Robert who then escorted us to there favourite hang outs in Prague. They didn't stay very long as they were both on the last leg of their trips and needed to get to there respective countries to fly home but it was sure fun getting to hang out with Canadians again.
On a more serious note; in Prague we decided to take the opportunity to go and visit a Holocaust memorial. Terezin Concentration Camp is located about an hour outside of the city of Prague. The village of Terezin is actually located on the exact grounds of the original camp. Every bank, diner, and store has an ugly history behind it. The city seemed to be shadowed by past horrors, it made your skin crawl. Terezin was unique among the camps. It's direct purpose was for propaganda. During the war because of the high population of children in this camp they were often filmed in "classroom" settings. Children threatend with death every day had to pluck up the courage and smile for the camera to save their families and themselves. It was also used as a ploy to deceive the Red Cross upon their inspections of the camp. However our experience with the camp wasn't all bad. For we found that Irena had a unique connection to this particular camp. If any of you have been avid viewers or the Bedford Road one act plays you might recall Irena's grade nine preformance of "I Never Saw Another Butterfly". In this play Irena portrayed Raja Englanderova, an actual girl who had actual lived and escaped Terezin. Even though this connection was a pretty hard thing to feel, it effected all of us in a way we will never forget.

Now after all that depressing stuff here is a re cap!

Things We Saw in Prague
1) Largest Medieval castles in Europe (quite impressive patios)
2) Charles Bridge (We rubbed only the statue said to bring good luck and love!)
3) A local Carnival celebration (Irena got attacked by a costumed gorilla man)
4) Good art...every where.
5) Terezin

Things We Learned
1) In Prague it is exceptable to bark at people when you would otherwise say pardon
2) The public transport works on the honour system...turns out the poor are not that honourable.
3) Eastern europe has GOOD sausage. Not to mention it's cheap. Too cheap.
4) The coffee sucks. We figure it's because most people have beer with breakfast they don't bother with coffee

Anyways, sorry the entry was so late. But hey, chastise us when you see us. And please, please send hate mail to Nikolas Sarkozy. We are not big fans of the darling french president anymore!

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Last Days of BCN

Bye-Bye to our City


We've had a busy last couple of weeks in our home away from home; Barcelona. Our string of visitors continued when, about three weeks ago, our good friend Cody Pauls flew in from Toon Town. With him, he brought his lovely lap top, and we were all pretty excited to get to watch a movie again (we have a television, but all it plays is black and white Catalunyan basic cable. We don't turn it on much). So a few good evenings were spent taking in good old fashioned North American cinema. We all took a day trip to Montserrat (which means "serraded mountain"), an amazing monastary that has been carved right out of a mountain. The 2 hour trip there took a couple... ill-fated turns, and for a while we seriously considered the reality of sleeping in a dive bar by the side of the road, but it all turned out, and we made the shaky train ride up the side of a cliff to the top of this mountain. Lots of it is preserved in it's natural state, so we took a nature hike to the top, and the view was amazing. Spain is all mountains and valleys, and we could actually see a genuine mountain range in the distance. The basillica was also beautiful, and quite impressive. Those monks know how to build a church. While Cody was here, we also visited Parc Guell, the park designed by Barcelona's favorite Antoni Gaudi. Even the landscaping in this park doesn't make much sense, it's all twisty paths and strange caves, with a few mosaic tiled lizards thrown in. That Gaudi was a crazy guy. After the essential trip to the beach, some sangria, and a crazy night at Anti-Karaoke, Cody flew back home. See you soon buddy!

After Cody left, Rachael and Jordyn took a trip of their own, and we recieved the last of our guests. We did a little dutch switcheroo! Rachael and Jordyn went to Holland to visit Willy at his Dad's house, while Irena, Kirsten and Georgia were visted by Irena's cousins from Boekel, the Van der Broeks. The first evening with the VDB's was spent enjoying some cross-lingual drinking games and having a generally good time. The next day was, luckily, a beautiful Barcelona day, so the VDB's got to escape the cold winter for a while and take in some 18 degrees celcius on the beach. We also enjoyed the living statues on Las Ramblas, and the high end stores and giant sky-scrapers of Placa Catalunya. After showing them some big city for one short weekend, their visit was over, but we had a great time!

While Rachael and Jordyn remained in Holland, Kirsten, Irena and Georgia took in some of the all-time-great Barcelona sights to celebrate our last week here. Out of curiosity, we took the metro as far as it goes in Barcelona, and ended up in Saint Andrew's, a sort of middle class residential/industrial area. It was interesting to look around a "normal" Barcelona area (as in, not city center), and the quiet made it feel like a new city. Still only apartment buildings, though! We also took a (scary!) gondolla ride up to the top of Montjuic, where we had a picnic in a fortress castle. And finally, we lucked out with some amazing Spanish weather, and scored a couple of great beach days. One particularily nice day, it was 22 degrees, and we went for one last swim in the Mediterannean Sea :)

We've had an amazing time in Barcelona, and complete with siestas, creepy men, and a doner shop on every corner, its been the best home away from home we could have hoped for. It really is a beautiful, fascinating city. Tomorrow, we're off to Prague. Good bye BCN! We'll miss you.

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Hey Folks

Sorry, were a bit slow

Hey there everybody who has been so diligently reading our blog! Sorry that we were so slow to add pictures from Christmas...and New Years...and of Leslie and Karla...But don't worry after spending several hours in one of our favourite internet cafes Irena and Rachael have managed to have solved this minor problem. Again Thanks for reading, next one coming soon!

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