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Berlin, ist verboten!

The land of Sausage and Techno

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So we get to Berlin right, to be honest it was cold, dark and slightly gloomy one might say. After surviving a horrid night in the airport surrounded by ..hobos and cold air.. we finally landed in Berlin (after almost taking the wrong train.. train 7 but on platform 4..who knew) Deliriously tired we spent the three hours before we could check into our hostel a mixture of sitting, eating and sitting. The next day we became slightly more adventurous. We saw the university Einstein graduated from, it had a Karl Marx quote in the lobby..touchy subject. We stared at german sausage and finally caved in and bought one. Mmm moustardscharff (mustard)! We continued around town staring at monuments, pretending to know what they were. In the next few days we saw a really cool jewish memorial, parliament building, small winter village market festival thing and to our delight..a Hogwarts forrest! We also saw the Brandonburg Gate where Pink Floyd once played as well as the Wall Memorial. We politely and respectively sampled the night life of Berlin (with a cheap pub crawl..heh heh)
Today we got to see the more interesting side of Berlin. Tiny little vintage shops, epic graffitti art and arguably the best playground ever. Our day ended with wandering around a sweet little market and eating one euro BRATWURST.!!!
Things we've learned:
-It's almost never sunny in Germany
-Everything here looks like a Jason Bourne movie
-Beer is cheap, Jag is cheaper.
-Nothing is discouraged, only VER BOTEN!
-The prostitutes here are not overrated and incredibly intimidating
-Jordyn falls less in Germany
-A room full of eighteen year old girls makes one uncomfortable male roommate

Things we've seen:
-An aussie chip half his tooth off
-Hundreds of art galleries, especially pretentious ones.
-Sausage x300
-A puddle of our own homesick tears (Don't worry everyone is fine now)

So off to Scotland for bagpipes and Haggus! Bye for now090.jpg

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Paris: recapped

After spending most of the night in a Paris airport, we are now in Berlin. We havent been awake here long enough to pass judgement, however we can offer you
We saw:
1. Notre Dam - big, beautiful, impressive stained glass, and our local landmark to guide us to our hostel
2. The Louvre - amazing palace, over rated art
3. The Eiffel Tower - one heck of a big, fancy pole
4. Sacre Coeur - a beautiful church with the best view of Paris
5. Moulin Rouge - centered in the Montmatre, the red light district of Paris, where small town girls like us were shocked by the racy walls
6. Musee D'Orsay - the impressionist museum, with some of the most impressive, beautiful art we've ever seen
7. The Arc de Triomph - hard to get underneath! but one big ol arch.
8. Champs D'Elysee - with Louis Vuitton and Gucci! we could afford the dust on the floor.
9. Jim Morrisons Grave - and the creepy, gigantic graveyard surrounding.

During our stay in Paris, we also met lots of friendly locals in our neighborhood, some Filipinos and Italians in our hostel who were nothing but gentlemen, and a lot of friggen pigeons.

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So that's All

So it's the end of our last full day in Paris. And we wanted to fill you in on a few more things we learned about this lovely city.
1.The sidewalks are slippery, just ask Jordyn(she falls a lot)
2.If you're having a seizure in Paris you smell burnt croissant
3.The Wall is one of the best pubs in the Latin Quarter
4.The Latin Quarter is superior to all other neighbourhoods
5. Sorry world but the Louvre is kinda boring, and really really big
6. Females are VERY over protective of their males. Very protective.
7. French are very quiet. Canadians are appearantly not.

So the future holds for us a VERY late metro ride (12:00 am) to an airport so we can sit until around five am. The glory of being to cheap for a shuttle. We arrive in Berlin early in the morning and are very excited to eat protein for breakfast. I mean we love bread, but we don't love it for breakfast and lunch...everyday. We are all doing really well. And we haven't killed eachother yet. We love all y'all Au revoir!

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Young and Happy

semi-overcast 8 °C

So... we made it to Paris and good news, we aren't dead. Or Taken. Infact, we haven't even seen a pick pocekter. Gypsys yes, Jordyn got conned. We saw the same woman the next day. People try and peddle us things like mini eiffel towers and umbrellas, Georgia finally lost it on a nice sudanese boy, she informed him No, she in fact already had an umbrella. When we first arrived we rode the Metro with success other then Kirsten confusing reciept with ticket. Our hostel is adorable, the door man is tri lingual (possibly more, we've only witnessed english french and spanish) he's also a little flamboyant. The first meal was ah as the french say, Really gross. Oh wait, that wasn't the french, that was us. Get this, rice noodles+tomato paste(Not to be confused with sauce)+ a ten cent onion= only 6.30 euro and FIVE un happy girls. Tomato paste isn't good, it's just not. Don't worry though we fixed that all up for today, tomato paste can be good if you actually think about what you are doing.
Things We've Seen: Notre Dame, pidgeons x100, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, 5 pretty boys who we were scared to speak to(though they clearly came over to talk to us but we got scared and walked away , to which they played it cool and sat down), marching bands of buskers, really cool grafitti (Monsiur Chat).
Things We've Learned: If men from Georgia ask to take your picture...the answer should be NO. They will hug and touch your face/bum and laugh without any effort to speak to you. Don't look/speak/feed/touch the pidgeons. The Louvre doesn't have an exit, you must use reverse psychology to get out ( may apply to any building or monument ) The Seine (river) will lead you anywhere and basically is the south Saskatchewan River.



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The Peg (The grand plan)

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Well, the first leg of our journey has begun. After making a scene on the bus, we managed to survive with our heads still attatched (Rachaels is looking a little wobbly though). We reunited with our lovely winnipeg companions just in time for some really bad diner food for breakfast. Along with an afternoon of watching silence of the lambs, buying our own beer (!) and a costume party at the exchange, Winnipeg has so far lived up to every expectation. PS the pizza here is so cheap its unreasonable. So are cabs.

Now, our itinerary, as it is so far. Paris is the first stop, beginning november 4th. Our hostel is called the Young and Happy hostel (sounds friendly hey?). After Paris, we fly to Berlin around november 10th to stay at a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed hostel. Then on to Edinburgh around november 15th to meet up with K Rea's rellies. Next is amsterdam on the 21st, hopefully to reunite with steven! Then december first leads us to Barcelona, where we will be for the next two months. After that, who knows what europe will bring. We'll keep you posted!

Until next time,
keep fit and have fun.

A side note: Rachael, Jordyn and Georgia made the afore-mentioned voyage to Winnipeg for a few days while Irena and Kirsten held it down on the home front in Saskatoon. We meet up in the Toronto airport (where we hopefully won't all contract swine flu) on November 3rd, and from there all go together to Paris!

A second side note: Happy Birthday Kirsten! She turned 18 on the 1st, and got to have a lovely, relaxed Saskatoon Inn brunch with the gang. Brunch... were so grown up.

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